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Ruth's story

Ruth, a member of the Dundee Blind and Partially Sighted Society, took part in our digital storytelling programme.

Digital storytelling supports people to improve their digital skills through the sharing of personal stories. Stories that might otherwise be forgotten.

‘When you’re blind you don’t want to be stuck in the house. I find it fascinating discussing local history with the group, wakening other people’s memories. A lot of the group are pioneers from the jute mills, from all sorts of things that went on in the town that are being forgotten about.’

In her story Ruth speaks about her grandfather being killed by friendly fire at the Battle of Aubers Ridge in 1915, leaving her grandmother a widow with three young children. ‘I wish I’d met my grandfather. There’s a lot of things that are maybe not recorded in film or books that need to be recorded while we’re still alive.’

Since the community heard their stories new members have joined the Society, Ruth has been stopped in the street around town to chat about the project and her granddaughter has been inspired to learn more about their family history.

‘It’s made us feel that our stories are worthwhile. It’s broadened my horizons, I was beginning to feel concerned about getting old but this has been brilliant – thought-provoking and exciting. The group never stop talking about it! We’ll definitely be sharing more stories.’ Watch Ruth's story now(this link will open in a new window). (this link will open in a new window)

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