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Shoogling with Bookbug – a Bookbug Week poem from Joseph Coelho

Children's Laureate Joseph Coelho has written us a poem all about shoogling and celebrating Bookbug Week 2023!

Two children take a book

off a library shelf,

a story is just the thing

to make them glow with health.

The book is filled with wonder,

filled with magic and delight –

at night they can't put the book down

when told 'turn off your light'.

The children's dreams are filled

with music and mayhem,

a parade of characters dance

dressed in glittering gems.

The children dance too

to the sound of a rolling bugle,

the children have no option –

they wiggle and they shoogle!

They shoogle and they shake

as books whizz up ahead

they don't want the dream to end

but awake upright in bed. . .

But now the sun is shining

and the children give out a squeak

they suddenly remember

it's the start of Bookbug week!

There will be events in their library

and in your library too

you can wiggle with Bookbug

you can shoogle the whole day through.

You can read and be read to,

discover stories, poems and songs.

You can search for a brand new fact

look at pictures all week long!

And when the week is over

and the shoogling all done

the library will still be there,

still be open for reading fun. . .

And Bookbug will be listening –

Oh that is guaranteed!

Hoping to hear your story –

hoping to hear you read.