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Reading in Scotland: My Life as a Reader report

Someone reading a non-fiction book

'I cannot imagine living a life without books.'

There are many types of reader in Scotland. There are those that were encouraged to read as a child, and those that came to it later. Some are regular visitors to a beloved local library or bookshop, whilst others swap books with friends or listen to audio books on the go. From crime to classics, via graphic novels, non-fiction, romance and everything in between, we knew that readers in Scotland are as varied as the country itself.  

To find out more, we asked a panel of readers about what they read, why they read and the role reading has played at different stages of their lives – their many lives as a reader. 

Key findings

  • 98% said that reading is an important part of who they are
  • 95% said that things they have read over their life have had an impact on who they are
  • 90% said that their lives had been changed in some way by something they had read
  • 97% read to relax, 90% for comfort and 85% to escape
  • 97% read for entertainment and 99% told us it makes them happy

Panellists on their lives as readers

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