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Previous Learning Professional Award Winners

The Scottish Book Trust Learning Professional Award showcases how one person can have an amazing impact, not just on a school, but also on a whole community.


Deena Wren (winner)

Deena has over twenty years’ experience as a librarian and sits on the senior management team at Beeslack Community High School, Midlothian. She has created a library that is used as a shared learning space by all, and is a welcoming and accessible area for students.

‘As a librarian, Deena goes above and beyond her role. She inspires a love of reading with her personal knowledge of books and through her amazing ‘Read for the Future’ programme. In addition, Deena has produced and delivered wonderful literacy classes that children remember even years later. The sheer popularity of reading in the school speaks for itself: the library is packed all the time. Every pupil has been supported by Deena – she’s the beating heart of the school.’ - Karen Atherton, Teacher of English.

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Sheila Borys (runner up)

Emily Sinclair (runner up)

Emma Ritchie (runner up)


Eileen Littlewood (winner)

Eileen has affected real change during her time at Forthview Primary School. Some of her amazing achievements include creating a vibrant school library and transforming attitudes to reading and writing in the wider community by engaging parents in creative writing projects. 

‘Before Mrs Littlewood took me for reading every day, I didn’t enjoy reading but now I know the genre of books I like and read every day.’ - Pupil

‘Eileen talked to me about the book café, but it’s no my thing, but she said try it and I tried it.... I related to the girl in the book 'cause she had depression too, like me. It made me want to read more…. It’s helped my mind and my health.’ - Parent

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Shelagh Toonen (runner-up)

Claire Dancer (runner-up)


Susan Morton (winner)

Susan is school librarian at Inverclyde Academy. In just one year at the school, Susan revitalised the school library, created a comic club to attract reluctant readers and secured a fully-funded residency with a local author.

'Susan took on a library that had been closed for a number of years and in less than a year has made fantastic strides forward with an array of projects for pupils...Susan is a truly inspiring professional.' - Panel judge Sean McNamara of CILIP in Scotland

'I’m now writing my own [graphic novel]. Miss Morton is a truly inspirational person. She encourages me every day.' - S6 pupil.

Video Susan Morton