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Reading Schools

Reading Schools is an accreditation programme to help schools build and sustain a reading culture


Reading Schools is open to every school in Scotland!

About Reading Schools

Reading Schools is an accreditation programme for schools that are committed to building a culture of reading for their learners and communities. Research proves that reading for pleasure has positive impacts on learners' attainment across the curriculum, supporting wellbeing, critical thinking, creativity, empathy and resilience.

Reading Schools offers:

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The benefits of becoming a Reading School

In 2019–20, we piloted the Reading Schools accreditation programme with 39 schools in West Lothian and Forth Valley. Evaluation showed clear evidence of impact on learners, learning professionals and schools as a whole.

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The Reading Schools framework

The Reading Schools framework details the key areas that are crucial to building and sustaining a whole-school reading culture. Key Areas are mapped against How Good is Our School? 4(this will open in a new window). Under each key area you can see what you need to do to become a Reading School and advance to silver and gold level. If you have any questions about the framework, please get in touch.

Reading Schools is funded by Scottish Government.