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About John Muir: Earth – Planet, Universe

John Muir, Earth – Planet, Universe is a graphic novel that tells the amazing life story of the Scotsman John Muir.

The novel is based on the life adventures of John Muir and is intended to help children develop a deeper understanding and awareness of the natural environment and the importance of protecting wild places.

The novel was developed in partnership with John Muir Trust, Creative Scotland, Education Scotland and Scottish Natural Heritage, and in consultation with teachers and school pupils. It combines environmental studies with literacy and is supported by accompanying online resources for teachers. As well as literacy, the novel will cover many other aspects of the Curriculum for Excellence, such as citizenship, outdoor learning and health and wellbeing.

Using these resources

John Muir, Earth – Planet, Universe is designed to be used by teachers in schools. Hard copies of the book were distributed to all secondary schools in Scotland in 2014, or alternatively, you can find it in your local library or by contacting the John Muir Trust.

All the lesson plans in our teaching support notes are intended to encourage young Scots to celebrate, as well as be inspired by, the Scottish-born polymath John Muir. They can be used across the curriculum throughout the year or as an element of an appropriate after-school club.

Alternatively, they can be used within a variety of subject areas at the same time as the book being read by pupils in their English class, thereby creating a cross-curricular ‘John Muir day’ or ‘John Muir week’.