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Write your own quest: a role playing game for Book Week Scotland

Welcome to Write Your Own Quest, a Book Week Scotland storytelling adventure

How to play

This pack is designed to be used by anyone who would like to try their hand at writing a quest story.

It comes in two sections: Imagining Your Character and The Quest.

You can play both sections on your own or you can play as a group. It can be played through verbally as a joint storytelling game or used as a prompt for creative writing.

Both sections use a standard 6-sided dice to determine elements of your story – so make sure you have one to hand.

You will need:

You must play Imagining Your Character first – there are parts of the quest that don't work otherwise.

For full details please download the pack below.

Submit your quest

If you have already written your own quest and would like to be in with the chance of winning a prize you can submit your entry via our online form. Please read the relevant terms and conditions before submitting.

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