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Enjoy an exclusive, serialised story from Ambrose Parry for Book Week Scotland.

There is an honourable tradition of serialisation in the publishing of some of our most enduring novels. The Counte of Monte Cristo, Anna Karenina, Heart of Darkness, And Then There Were None and In Cold Blood were all published first as a serial, with people waiting with bated breath for the next instalment. Famously American Dickens fans nearly rioted in New York harbour to get their hands on the latest part of “The Old Curiosity Shop.”

This year you too can embrace the joy of anticipation. Sign up for our special Book Week Scotland newsletter and on each day of the week (from Monday 13 November to Sunday 19 November) at 8am you will receive an instalment from an exclusive new Ambrose Parry short story, set in Edinburgh 20 years before their Raven and Fisher novels. This gripping short story of survival, body snatchers and smuggling stands alone and if you haven’t read Ambrose Parry yet it is a great introduction. And, if you have read the all the novels, you do not want to miss this nail-biting origin story.

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