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The team

Find who does what in Scottish Book Trust including photos and contact details.

Senior team

Rosemary Ward's headshot'
Rosemary Ward
Director of Programme
Sarah Bailey's headshot'
Sarah Bailey
Director of Marketing and Communications
Alison Bunn
Director of Finance and Operations


Jackie Hadden's headshot'
Jackie Hadden
Finance Officer
Elaine Ewan's headshot'
Elaine Ewan
HR Advisor
Meg Elphee's headshot'
Meg Elphee
Office Manager
Faye Channon
Commercial Manager


Lucinda MacFarlane's headshot'
Lucinda MacFarlane
CRM Manager
Laura Antone
Fundraising Manager
Craig Mudie's headshot'
Craig Mudie
CRM and Digital Assistant
Jenni Wood's headshot'
Jenni Wood
Website Manager
Craig Laurenson's headshot'
Craig Laurenson
Design and Marketing Manager
Marianne Doherty's headshot'
Marianne Doherty
Digital Project Manager
Becky McRitchie's headshot'
Becky McRitchie
Digital Officer
Eilidh Cameron's headshot'
Eilidh Cameron
Fundraising Officer
Theresa Peteranna's headshot'
Theresa Peteranna
Marketing Communications Co-ordinator (Schools)

Early Years

Kirsty Sinclair's headshot'
Kirsty Sinclair
Early Years Operations Manager
Ros McGlynn's headshot'
Ros McGlynn
Early Years Community Engagement Co-ordinator (Bookbug)
Ruth Boreham's headshot'
Ruth Boreham
Early Years Community Engagement Project Manager
Liz Dickie's headshot'
Liz Dickie
Early Years Training Delivery Manager
Andra Iulian's headshot'
Andra Iulian
Early Years Training Administrator
Paul Kane's headshot'
Paul Kane
Early Years Trainer
Emma Dunn's headshot'
Emma Dunn
Early Years Communications & Events Manager
Roz Coe's headshot'
Roz Coe
Early Years Training & Development Manager
Emma McKinnon's headshot'
Emma McKinnon
Early Years Trainer
Yasmin Hackett's headshot'
Yasmin Hackett
Early Years Digital Content Co-ordinator
Lindsay Finnie's headshot'
Lindsay Finnie
Early Years Trainer
Helena Barrett-Duncan's headshot'
Helena Barrett-Duncan
Early Years Community Engagement Manager
Sarah Hopkins's headshot'
Sarah Hopkins
Early Years Operations Administrator
Susan Park's headshot'
Susan Park
Early Years Community Engagement Administrator
Moira Harvey
Early Years Training Administrator (part-time)

School communities

Chris Newton's headshot'
Chris Newton
Head of School Communities
Heather Collins's headshot'
Heather Collins
School Communities Manager
Pauline Bird's headshot'
Pauline Bird
School Communities Manager
Thomas Jefferson's headshot'
Thomas Jefferson
School Communities Events Manager
Antonia Clark 's headshot'
Antonia Clark
School Communities Manager
Rachael Laburn's headshot'
Rachael Laburn
School Communities Manager (maternity leave)
Maggie Still's headshot'
Maggie Still
School Communities Manager (Seconded)
Signe Rudovica's headshot'
Signe Rudovica
Project Manager Sharing Sensory Stories
Fraser Napier's headshot'
Fraser Napier
School Communities Events Co-ordinator
Liam McCallum's headshot'
Liam McCallum
School Communities Outreach Co-ordinator
Ella McLellan's headshot'
Ella McLellan
Regional Outreach Co-ordinator (Dumfries & Galloway, South Ayrshire, East Ayrshire and North Ayrshire)
Clare Fulton
Regional Outreach Co-ordinator (Perth & Kinross, Fife, Dundee & Angus)
Christian Ritchie
Regional Outreach Co-ordinator (Moray, Aberdeenshire and Aberdeen City)
Helen Symington's headshot'
Helen Symington
Reading Schools Administrator
Catherine Wilson Garry's headshot'
Catherine Wilson Garry
School Communities Learning Content Manager
Clara Owen's headshot'
Clara Owen
School Communities Co-ordinator (FMRC)
Sarah Dore's headshot'
Sarah Dore
School Communities Administrator
Jasmine Ewens's headshot'
Jasmine Ewens
School Communities Administrator
Rebecca Low's headshot'
Rebecca Low
School Communities Programme Manager (FMRC)
Jen Grainge's headshot'
Jen Grainge
Regional Outreach Co-ordinator (Highland)
Anna Derricourt's headshot'
Anna Derricourt
School Communities Manager (Reading Schools)

Writing Communities

Lynsey May's headshot'
Lynsey May
Writing Communities Online Content Co-ordinator
Christina Neuwirth's headshot'
Christina Neuwirth
Women of Words PhD researcher
Andrew Blair's headshot'
Andrew Blair
Writing Communities Administrator
Alan Lynch's headshot'
Alan Lynch
Writing Communities Co-ordinator (Live Literature)
Eilidh Akilade
Writing Communities Administrator

Reading Communities

Chris Leslie's headshot'
Chris Leslie
Digital Storytelling Residencies Manager
Koren Calder's headshot'
Koren Calder
Reading Communities Outreach Manager (Reading is Caring)
Gordon Connelly's headshot'
Gordon Connelly
Reading Communities Co-ordinator
Nyla Ahmad's headshot'
Nyla Ahmad
Reading Communities Manager
Rachel Gray
Reading Communities Administrator
Keira O'Sullivan's headshot'
Keira O'Sullivan
Reading is Caring Co-ordinator

Research and Evaluation

Katherine Wilkinson's headshot'
Katherine Wilkinson
Head of Research and Evaluation
Charlotte Webber's headshot'
Charlotte Webber
PhD researcher in teenage reading