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Complaints and appeals policy and procedure

Scottish Book Trust is committed to delivering a high quality of programme and service at all times. We are committed to fundraising best practice and we comply with the Code of Fundraising Practice guidelines in all our fundraising activities.

We treat everyone with whom we work with respect and our staff expect the same in return. We do not tolerate violence or verbal abuse.

If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of our service or our approach to fundraising, we would like to hear from you.

Equally, if you are pleased with the service offered, or have a suggestion on how we might improve our services, do let us know.

How to make a complaint

We need to know the exact nature of your complaint. Please provide as much information as possible about the service or fundraising issue. Please also give the name of the individuals or department involved and why you felt the service we offered or behaviour you experienced did not meet your expectations.

Stage 1:

You can make your complaint in whatever form is most convenient to you.

You can phone, write or email your complaint to:

Scottish Book Trust, Sandeman House, Trunk’s Close, 55 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1SR.

Tel: 0131 524 0160

Email: [email protected](this link will open in a new window) or to a direct email address of individuals concerned at Scottish Book Trust.

Stage 2:

Whoever takes your telephone call or receives your message or correspondence will attempt to resolve the issue for you, or pass your complaint to the appropriate person at SBT.

We will acknowledge your complaint when it is received and pass it to the appropriate staff member for action.

If your complaint cannot be resolved by the person initially dealing with it, it will be directed to the relevant senior member of staff.

Stage 3:

It is our intention to respond to complaints within 28 working days. If a full response cannot be given within 28 working days (e.g. when a matter is very complex or where we have to consult a third party on the matter) you will be informed of the progress being made with your complaint.

In all cases we will treat your correspondence in strict confidence, with fairness and objectivity. Making a complaint will not affect in any way the level of service you receive from us. For example if your complaint is with regard to a funding or award application, your chances of getting an award or grant from us in future will not be compromised.

We will ask you to acknowledge receipt of our response to your complaint.

Grounds for complaint

You can make a complaint if you feel that our decision-taking processes have not been followed correctly, if you feel that you have been discriminated against or treated unfairly, or you have a concern about our fundraising practice.

What you cannot complain about

You may be disappointed if we turn down your application for an award or funding, but you cannot use the complaints procedure to appeal against our decision if we have followed our decision-making process correctly.

We cannot reverse funding decisions or make changes to our published criteria for receiving applications, assessing and giving grants or other awards.

What to do if you are still unhappy

If you feel your complaint has not been satisfactorily dealt with you have the option to put your concerns directly, in writing, to the CEO of Scottish Book Trust.