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October 2022 winners – young writers

In October we asked for stories featuring a spider.

Glistening spider web against a black background

Congratulations to the winners of our October competition. Feeling inspired? Have a go at this month's prompt(this link will open in a new window).

Young writers (12–18) winner

Julia McCann, age 16

Shoebox Theatre was swarming: legs and arms wrangled into seats. Every armrest was squabbled over. The house lights were dimmed, stage set. The ring of pianos shivered nervously in anticipation.

Out he scuttled. Rapturous applause.

He raised those illustrious legs.

And began blasting out some jazzy blues in G# minor.

Young writers (5–11) winner

Louis Lau, age 10

A spider lives behind my door.

I see her when I sweep the floor,

Scurrying to her tiny lair

Strung across the corner there.

I suppose I wouldn't share

My house with crocodile or bear,

But one small spider is no chore -

I smile at her and close the door.

Gaelic writers winner

Leena Valluri, age 8

Dubh, eagalach.

Alainn, easgaidh.

Math air neadan brègha le a

H-ochd casan fada.

Annasach, àraid,

Neònach agus neo-àbhaisteach.


Anabarrach math air sealg,

Luath air a casan.

Leum air cuileagan,

Ag amas air biadh.

Iongantach agus ealanta.

Dona airson eagal a chur air a

H-uile duine – arrghh – damhan-allaidh.

Translation by Gaelic Books Council

Black, scary.

Beautiful, industrious.

Building gorgeous nests with her

Eight long legs.

Interesting, bizarre,

Strange and unusual.


Incredibly good at hunting,

Quick on her feet.

Jumping on flies,

Capturing food.

Wonderful and artistic.

Terrible for scaring

Everyone – arrghh – spider.