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March 2022 winners

In March we asked for stories featuring a blackbird.

Congratulations to the winners of our March competition. Feeling inspired? Have a go at this month's prompt.

Adult winner

Donald Waters

They looked so polite, the blackbirds on the front step. Equinox winds, nest dislodged, seeking refuge. You could almost imagine the suitcases at their feet, tired children asleep in parents' arms. On moving closer their initially hopeful chirping sounded distressed, and you felt tired and thought about closing the door.

Gaelic winner

Rhona Williams

Tha mise nam lòn-dubh. Tha mi a' fuireach anns a' chraoibh leis mo mhamaidh. Aon latha bha mi dìreach nam shuidhe na mo nead, nam aonar, nuair a chuala mi cat. Bha mi ag iarraidh caraid, mar sin, chaidh mi sìos. "Meow," thuirt e. Choisich e gu slaodach thugamsa. Theich mi!

Traslation by Gaelic Books Council

I’m a blackbird. I live in the tree with my mum. One day I was just sitting in my nest, alone, when I heard a cat. I wanted a friend, so I went down. “Meow,” he said. He walked slowly towards me. I fled!

Young writers (12–18) winner

Sejal Gautam, age 18

Today's dinner is saag aloo and a side of:

'– saw you holding hands with a boy?'

Mikey brings my reprieve in the form of spewed feathers and a pleased purr. Eerie eyed, the blackbird stares from the kitchen mat as I slink out of the kitchen, disguised by Mum's shriek.

Young writers (5–11) winner

Ruairidh McLellan, age 11

Upon a lifeless old brown tree a blackbird is peacefully sitting on a nest with twigs covered in mud and crunched up leaves. This may seem like an ordinary blackbird, but no, this blackbird just pulled the biggest heist known to man or should I say bird.