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January 2021 winners

Our prompt for December 2020 - January 2021 was to write a story featuring a candle.

Congratulations to the winners of our Dec-Jan competition. Feeling inspired? Have a go at this month's prompt.

Adult winner

Daniel Addercouth

Maxine patted her jacket to check her equipment was there, then lit a candle using a taper. She came to church every time she had a job. The ritual calmed her. She prayed that the job went smoothly, then she prayed for Derek’s soul.

He would be dead soon enough.

Gaelic winner

Eva Macinnes, age 12

A’ ghaoth a’ sèideadh. Gun sguir. Na solais a’ priobadh.

“Tha mi ’n dòchas nach tèid an dealan dheth,” arsa mo mhàthair.

A bheil e ceàrr gu bheil mise an dòchas gun tèid e dheth?

An rud as fheàrr leam. A’ lasadh coinneal. An teaghlach còmhla.

Solas anns an dorchadas.

Translation by Gaelic Books Council

The wind blowing. Without stop. The lights flickering.

“I hope the power doesn’t go off,” said my mother.

Is it wrong that I hope it does go off?

My favourite thing. Lighting a candle. The family together.

A light in the darkness.

Young writers (12-18) winner

Bella Nel, age 12

He paused.

Was that flickering candle moving in time with his breathing?

He waited and watched, unsure.

In and out, in and out.

Was his breath controlling the flicker or could the flicker be controlling him?

There was only one way to find out.

He closed his eyes and blew.

Young writers (5-11) winner

Lucy Mackay, age 11

Flickering on a window ledge in an old abandoned shack in the countryside, a candle sat alone, with its flames dancing in the moonlight. Thunder crashed outside, but nothing seemed to blow this mysterious candle out. Every time a rain drop hit it, it only burned brighter.