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Read, Write, Count for visual impairment

A hand feeling braille

For the first time, Scottish Book Trust is able to offer this year's Read, Write, Count books in braille or large print for children or families with visual impairment. This year's books are:



We would welcome any feedback on these offers, and any other accessibility needs you would like us to support in future. To get in touch, please email Signe Rudoviča at signe.rudovica@scottishbooktrust.com(this will open in a new window).


Borrowable braille copies of the books The Story Thief by Graham Carter and Jeremy Worried About the Wind by Pamela Butchart are available through Clear Vision(this will open in a new window). The books are designed to be shared as a family and are suitable for children who are learning braille, or may do so in the future.

There are five copies of each book, two of which are in contracted braille and three in uncontracted braille. Although these are our P3 titles, they can be borrowed by any family, even if their child is not in that year group.

To borrow copies, sign up for membership on the Clear Vision website(this will open in a new window) and specify you'd like to receive the Read, Write, Count books in your box.

Membership is free for families, and a £50 fee for organisations such as schools or libraries. Clear Vision will then send you a box of six books (school settings can borrow up to 20 books), including the Read, Write, Count titles which you can borrow for up to six months. Return postage to return the books is included.

Large print

Large print copies of the books are available through CustomEyes(this will open in a new window) and are custom printed to suit you, or your child's, need in terms of font size, spacing and paper colour. Please select two book per child. These books are free for you to order, however there is a limited number available. We are trialling this offer, so orders will be processed on a first-come basis.

To order copies of these books please complete the order form(this will open in a new window).