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Read, Write, Count bags

The Read, Write, Count programme gifts bags to all Primary 2 and Primary 3 children in Scotland. The bags are a great opportunity to build relationships with parents and strengthen links between home and school learning.

Three girls and a woman reading a book together at school

The bags are sent direct to schools via your local authority. If you have any questions about when your bags will arrive, contact your local authority coordinator.

What is in each bag? 

The contents for each bag change on a yearly basis and include two picture books, educational toys and a notebook. This year the bags contain:

Primary 2

Primary 3

Learning resources

Research has shown that if books and materials are explored in school first, children and parents are far more likely to use them together at home. This is because children are familiar with and excited by the materials.

We have created a range of learning resources for Primary 2 and Primary 3 to help teachers use the bags in school. Resources include:

Bag Gifting 

The aim of Read, Write, Count is to encourage families to include reading, writing and counting activities in their everyday lives. To build excitement among pupils, we recommend that you hold a bag gifting event and invite parents to join.