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New children and young adult writing from our awardees and fellows

Genre: Adventure, Family, Relationships
Audience: Children, Young People
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This list celebrates the most recent releases from writers we've supported through our writing award programmes. We'll update it on a rolling basis whenever one of this brilliant bunch publishes a new book so check back regularly.

For a full list of children and young adult books from writers we've supported, and to purchase the titles below, head to Bookshop.org. You can also browse fiction, non-fiction and poetry published by our awardees and fellows on our other lists.

Juliette Forrest The Mountain Rescue Dog

Clova is lonely and grieving the tragic death of her mother in an avalanche when she meets abandoned Border Collie Tatty. She processes her loss by helping the frightened dog become lively again and training him to be a search-and-rescue dog. Full of beautiful illustrations, this is a page-turning story of friendship and hope.

P.M. Freestone Shadowscent: Crown of Smoke

This thrilling conclusion to the Shadowscent duology has the empire of Aramtesh on the brink of civil war. Praised for the brilliant world building of a society where scent has power, the two books are filled with intrigue and drama, woven through with romance.

Sheila Averbuch Friend Me

With the help of a social media app and the online friendship of Haley, Roisin escapes the misery and loneliness of her school life. Until her bully Zara has a mysterious accident and Roisin discovers her new best friend might not be who she says she is. This fast-paced, twisting middle grade thriller considers both the benefits and the dark side of technology.

John Young Farewell Tour of a Terminal Optimist

Terminally ill teen Connor breaks out of a juvenile delinquent institution with school bully Skeates and goes on the run across Scotland in search of his dad. This laugh out loud, heart-warming story of bravery and friendship has been compared to novels by John Green – with added Scottish dark humour.

Nadine Aisha Jassat The Stories Grandma Forgot (and How I Found Them)

When Grandma claims to have spotted Nyla’s dad at the supermarket, Nyla makes a promise to find him. But Nyla was told her dad died when she was four and Grandma’s Alzheimer’s can cause her to forget and “time travel”. Nyla delves into her family’s past in search of the truth and understanding of her place in the world.