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Franzeska Ewart

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Contact: franzeskagewart@gmail.com
Local authority: North Ayrshire
Languages: English
Franzeska Ewart's headshot

I wrote for children for 30 years and gave talks to all ages, though I preferred working with the older primary school children. However, in the past 12 years I’ve been writing for adults and would now prefer to have adult audiences. I’m an artist, and art figures very strongly in my writing,so I’d be happy to talk about the way painting and writing interweave in my work. Having gone down the indie publishing route a couple of times, I’d also be glad to talk to aspiring writers about this.

My main characters tend to be at the point in their lives (mid to late 50s) when their parents have died and their children are independent, and they are, for the first time in decades, free to take up the challenge of making big changes in their lives again.

My latest book More Geese Than Swans (2023) is set in Largs. It takes place against a backdrop of the contemporary Scottish Art scene - its artists, their models, and the galleries in which they hang their work.

(Photo credit: Diana Finn)

Local authorities can visit

Dumfries and Galloway; Glasgow City; North Ayrshire; South Ayrshire

Events can deliver

Reading; Talk; Workshop

Audience can work with

English as an additional language (EAL); Reluctant readers

Topics of work

Characters of colour & BAME characters; Childhood; Contemporary fiction; Death, grief & bereavement; Health including mental health & wellbeing; LGBTQIA+ characters; Loneliness & isolation; Love & romance; Music; Self-publishing & independent publishing

Age groups published for

Children; Teens; Adults

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