The Scottish Teenage Book Prize: Voting Activities

Here are some ideas and activities to help you make a big deal out of voting for the Scottish Teenage Book Prize!

Voting is a key part of the Scottish Teenage Book Prize, and something you can really make a splash about in school or in your school library. Remember to cast your pupils' vote by Friday 25 March 2022.

Use voting as an opportunity to talk about democracy and our rights

We all have the right for our voices to be heard. One way we express our right to be heard in a democracy is through voting. You can use taking part in the Scottish Teenage Book Prize as an opportunity to talk about children’s rights, especially our right to be heard and partake in a democracy through voting, and/or responsibilities in society.

Create all the things you need for a voting campaign

When there is an election (big or small) many supporters use different visual aids to attract voters attention and to encourage them to vote. This can be through placards, voting signs and badges. First, look at examples of placards and signs/posters in action from recent elections and how placards are used to catch your eye and promote a candidate. You could involve the modern studies department, encouraging pupils to share what they have learnt about elections in Scotland. 

Then work with pupils to create the placards, signs and badges needed to grab viewers attention and to encourage the viewers to support their campaign for a chosen title from the shortlist.

Make a ballot box or voting station

Having somewhere to cast your vote is a vital part of the voting procedure. In elections, the public cast their votes in secure boxes. Work with pupils to create your own ballot box and ballot papers for the Scottish Teenage Book Prize, and decorate an area within your school as a voting station. 


Whenever there is an election, there is always a range of reporters and journalists writing about the events, interviewing voters and collecting exit poll information to predict results. Ask pupils to create their own report about the Scottish Teenage Book Prize. Who do they think will win? Will it be a surprising winner? Pupils could work together to write and film a TV style report segment, or work together to research and write a newspaper article on how voting in the prize went in their school in the run up to the winner announcement on Wednesday 4 May 2022. 

Share your voting campaigns with us on social media using #ScotTeenBookPrize and don't forget to cast your votes by Friday 25 March 2022.