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Scottish Teenage Book Prize 2022: The Infinite by Patience Agbabi

We are thrilled to announce that The Infinite by Patience Agbabi has been shortlisted for the Scottish Teenage Book Prize 2022!

Front cover of "The Infinite", featuring a young black girl leaping into the air

Watch an exclusive reading from Patience Agbabi and read more about the book below. Don't forget to cast your votes by Friday 25 March 2022!

About the book

Leaplings, children born on the 29th of February, are very rare. Rarer still are Leaplings with The Gift – the ability to leap through time. Elle Bíbi-Imbelé Ifíè has The Gift, but she’s never used it. Until now.

Elle has received a mysterious warning from the future, other Leaplings are disappearing in time, and not everyone at the centre can be trusted. Soon Elle’s adventure becomes more than a race through time. It’s a race against time.

Listen to an extract read by Patience Agbabi


You can read the first chapter of (this will open in a new window)The Infinite for free through Google Books.

Content notes and resources

The Infinite contains scenes of bullying of a young person, by an adult and by peers. Organisations such as The Mix(this will open in a new window), RespectMe (this will open in a new window)and Childline (this will open in a new window)can support young people experiencing bullying.

Many characters in The Infinite, including the main character Elle, are autistic. Young people can find information about autism through the National Autistic Society(this will open in a new window), who also provide training for learning professionals.

How to access the shortlist

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