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Scottish Teenage Book Prize

Find out more about the prize and discover this year's winner

The Scottish Teenage Book Prize celebrates the very best in Scottish teen fiction, and aims to encourage reading for pleasure amongst teenagers.

Every year, we select the three best new books from Scottish authors and publishers for the Scottish Teenage Book Prize shortlist. Teenagers all over Scotland read all three books on the shortlist and decide the winner by voting for their favourite.

This year's winner

Lots of young people take part as a group organised through their school or local library, or you can take part as an individual.

Check out the shortlist and videos with the authors to find out more about the Scottish Teenage Book Prize 2021.

Taking part as a school or library group? We have lots of brilliant cross-curricular activity suggestions to help you make the most of the prize. You can also download the Scottish Teenage Book Prize poster for a display in your classroom or library!

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