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A wealth of teen poetry

Age group: 12-14, 15-18
Topics: Poetry

Are you looking to explore some new poetry collections or sample some narrative poetry? Then this is the list for you!

Kwame Alexander The Crossover

Josh and his twin brother live for basketball- it is in their blood. However, they soon realise that life is not like a basketball game, and it isn’t always about winning. We love this clever mix of sport and poetry- it’s a book sports fans won't want to put down.

Brian Conaghan Sarah Crossan We Come Apart

Written by Sarah and Brian though WhatsApp messages, we love the two strong narrative voices in this novel. Told in alternating chapters from the perspective of Jess and Nicu, this is a high-impact, high-emotion thrill of a read. We would recommend it to any reader!

Deanna Rodger I Did It Too

A brilliant and powerful collection of poems written by Deanna from when she first found poetry aged 17 to her mid-20s. The poems explore a variety of topics important to so many teens: identity, voting, relationships and race.

Jason Reynolds Long Way Down

Will’s brother was shot. Will knows what to do next. He takes his brother's gun and steps into the lift in his apartment block. But his journey to the ground floor is not what he expected… We love the emotional journey of Long Way Down. This is a gripping and haunting story that will remain with you long after you finish reading.

Steven Camden Everything All At Once

A collection of poems, which explores life in secondary school over the course of one week, where everything does happen at once. Steven Camden's poems speak to the kaleidoscope of teen experience.

Jay Hulme Clouds Cannot Cover Us

Split into two sections, light and dark, this collection charts Jay's journey from growing up in a working-class family in Leicestershire to his feelings and thoughts about school life, and his experience as a transgender teenager. We love the honest representation of the universal issues in this poetry collection. It explores themes that all teenagers can relate to.

Aimee Lucido In the Key of Code

Cleverly told mixing Java script, song and poetry, this narrative verse novel casts a spell on its reader. We learn computer script and Java with Emmy, as she grapples with starting a new school, new friends and a new life. An intriguing and enjoyable read.

Sophia Thakur Somebody Give This Heart a Pen

An incredibly honest and personal collection of poems, exploring themes of identity, difference, loss and joy. The collection explores themes that bring people together and is sure to spark conversations.

Dean Atta The Black Flamingo

Fiercely told in narrative verse, The Black Flamingo is a wonderfully honest and moving read. This is the coming of age story of Michael, a mixed-race gay teen. Readers will be completely absorbed by Michael’s personal journey.

Elizabeth Acevedo The Poet X

Xiomara has always kept her words to herself, but she is slowly beginning to find her voice. This is a beautifully written coming of age story. We love the character development and the courage that Xiomara shows.

Sarah Crossan Toffee

In this narrative verse novel, two of the most vulnerable individuals in society are able to help and support each other. Allison has run away from home and Marla’s mind is running away from her. This story will encourage empathy and understanding in any reader.

Matt Abbott A Hurricane in my Head

Tackling the themes of friendship, bullying, technology and school, this is a heart-warming and highly entertaining poetry collection. The poems will make you laugh and cry- and are perfect for dipping into at any time (even when your phone is working!).

Clementine Beauvais Sam Taylor In Paris With You

Eugene and Tatiana have a chance meeting on the Paris Metro. As their story unfolds through narrative verse, you realise that they have met before and that their lives could have taken a very different turn… What secrets are they hiding? We love the drama and suspense of this book!

Nikita Gill Great Goddesses: Life Lessons from Myths and Monsters

A modern, feminist retelling of myths and legends that speak to the complexities and challenges of modern life. This poetry collection is vividly told and will grip any reader. We love the beautifully illustrations intertwined with the poems.

Helene Boppert Rachel Plummer Wain

A stunning retelling of classic Scottish myths, beautifully illustrated by Helene Boppert. This collection of poems will immerse readers in a diverse and inclusive vision of contemporary life. You are sure to become captivated by this enchanting read.