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Author: A MacDhuibhshithe
Year: Future

Glint of excitement, nerves in her eyes

He is here

Another she wants us to embrace, accept, welcome

There he is

Clad in colours at the door, wine in hand

Here he is

Charming her, showering her in love

He is here

Promising not to hurt her again

There he is

Fist in her jaw

Here he lives

Charging into lives, taking over

He is here

Smashing her face

There he is

Drunk, shouting, creating destruction

Here he is, in our home

Pushing my brother away

He is here

One male left in the house

There he is

Controlling her every move

Here he lives

Battered black and blue

She is not here

Fragile, shattered, exhausted

Where is she

Forgiving him

Who is she?

Begging, pleading lets leave

She will not go

Confidence she held high has left

She is scared, she is drained

Crying, screaming with fear and rage

She is left

I escape

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