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Gifting the Bookbug Primary 1 Family Bags

Everything P1 teachers need to know about gifting bags and making their gifting event special.

Each November Bookbug gives every Primary 1 pupil in Scotland a free bag of books and resources to inspire a lifelong love of reading, writing and counting. The P1 Bags contain the three shortlisted titles for the Bookbug Picture Book Prize. Children across Scotland can vote for their favourite, with the winner announced in January 2020. Gifting P1 Bags in a special way builds the excitement for pupils and is a great way to build on your home and school partnership work.

Your school will also receive a Teacher Resource Pack in September or October. This contains copies of the books in the P1 Bag, together with information on how your class can vote in the Bookbug Picture Book Prize, gifting the P1 Bags, ideas for CfE linked activities and a poster for your classroom.

Gaelic versions(this will open in a new window) of the P1 Bags are also available for children in Gaelic Medium Education or families interested in Gaelic and should be gifted alongside the English bags.

For children with additional support needs, CALL Scotland(this will open in a new window) provide symbol resources and digital versions of all the books in the P1 Bag.

When to gift the bags

The bags will be delivered to schools in October or early November. If you have not received your bags by 4 November 2019 or have any issues with delivery please contact your local P1 Bag co-ordinator.

Gifting the bags during Book Week Scotland(this will open in a new window) is a great way to make it part of your school’s reading culture. Work with your colleagues gifting the Read, Write, Count(this will open in a new window) P2 and P3 bags too for a fantastic reading celebration across P1–P3!

Ideas for using the bags and gifting celebrations

Share the books in class before sending them home! Try our CfE linked activities(this will open in a new window) for your class and don’t forget to register and submit your pupils’ votes for the Bookbug Picture Book Prize.

Invite parents along to a gifting event at school or your local library and ask them to explore the bags with their children. If this is not possible, let them know that you will be sending home the P1 Bags and how they can enjoy them with their children.

Watch films(this will open in a new window) of authors reading their own stories here for a different way of sharing the books.