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About The Bookbug Picture Book Prize

The Bookbug Picture Book Prize celebrates Scottish picture books and encourages reading for pleasure

The Bookbug Picture Book Prize shortlist for 2023

Every year, The Bookbug Picture Book Prize celebrates the best new Scottish picture books, and the winner of the prize is chosen by children across Scotland. 

All Primary 1 pupils receive the three shortlisted books in the Bookbug P1 Family Bag, given out from November onwards, and can vote for their favourite in school or at home with their families.

Children don’t have to be in P1 to vote – we encourage children of all ages to get involved! Lots of schools register to vote as a class (or even a whole school!), or you can vote from home on behalf of the children in your family. 

Children can take part either by reading the three shortlisted books or watching the videos of the shortlisted titles on our website. Then, they can pick their favourite and cast their vote!

To help you make the most of the prize, we have provided a variety of videos and fun activities related to the books on the shortlist. If you are taking part as a school or library group, download our learning activities which are full of ideas you can do in the classroom or library. 

We also work with CALL Scotland(this will open in a new window) to produce symbol resources and digital versions of all the shortlisted books.

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