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Watch now: building a reading culture in your secondary school

Learning type: Professional learning
Category: Get inspired, Reading culture
Programme: First Ministers Reading Challenge
Language: English
Age group: 12-14, 15-18

This webinar is for anyone working to build a reading culture in their secondary school- this could be a whole school project, or in their library or classroom. You might be part way through your journey and looking for more inspiration, or just starting to think about building a reading culture in your school. This webinar gives a thorough overview of what we mean by a reading culture, and gives you tips and ideas for:

Our Create a reading culture: get your school reading(this will open in a new window) written resource is a great document to read before or after this webinar, and offer ideas and support for embedding a reading culture.


This is a recording of a live webinar that took place in September 2021. Please note that audience polls and the chat function are mentioned, but not visible in the video. There are also two videos shared during the session held on Microsoft Teams which are not available in this recording.