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Walk The Walk: All colours

The aim of this lesson is to encourage learners to reflect on colour: both the symbolism behind different colours in relation to sectarianism, and in a wider sense.

All Colours activity

On your own, pick some favourite colours and use the points raised in the discussion to make a collage. Find as many things as you can that are your chosen colours and stick them onto your collage. Cut out pictures of your colour from magazines, or print out examples. If you can’t find physical examples you can colour in your collage with pens or write words on the collage to convey your ideas. For example, red can represent danger (e.g. a red traffic light) or love (e.g. red hearts or roses).

Reflecting on learning

After taking part in the discussion, were learners:

Learners can:

Useful resources

The colours of our scarves(this link will open in a new window): A flyer with information on the Colours of Our Scarves project.