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Holly Bourne

Language: English
Genre: Activism, Fiction, Gender, Relationships
Age group: 15-18
Audience: Young People
Topics: Empathy

Holly Bourne, one of the biggest and best names in UK YA, joins us to discuss her novel The Places I’ve Cried in Public. Holly talks to us about toxic relationships, mental health, feminism and what drives her narratives. This is a must watch for teenagers of all genders figuring out their place in the world. 

A full transcript of the event can be downloaded at the bottom of the page.

The novel and this broadcast discuss abusive relationships. The Mix(this link will open in a new window), as mentioned by Janice and Holly in the event, is a charity with a range of resources and a helpline for young people. BBC Action Line (this link will open in a new window)also provide a list of resources for support on this topic, and can be reached via phone on 0800 132 737.

For more activities to explore sexism and its impact in your classroom, see our understanding and challenging sexism resource below.

How to spot a toxic relationship

Sex and Relationship Educator and Trauma Healing Coach, Esther de La Ford, tells us how to spot a toxic relationship in this video, created especially by BBC Scotland Learning to support Holly Bourne's Authors Live.