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Chae Strathie: Children's lives through history

Genre: History, Humour, Non-fiction
Age group: 6-8, 9-11

Chae Strathie takes a look at world history through the eyes of children and shares fascinating facts from his hilarious non-fiction series, So You Think You've Got It Bad. Viewers will learn about the weird and wonderful habits of the Ancient Egyptians, Romans, Aztecs and more. Get ready to laugh, learn, and sing!

Shorter clips of the event are available on the BBC Scotland Learning website(this link will open in a new window).

If you only do one thing...

We know time is tight, so here is just one activity you can complete with your class before or after watching this broadcast. 

Create your own recipe! (HWB 1-30a, TCH 1-04c)

Chae shared some pretty disgusting foods from the past. Can you write a recipe for something a bit tastier? Write down your dream dish. It could be your perfect sandwich or cake – or you could create your own meal from scratch!

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