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Reading and being Autistic 

As part of our series on reading identity, PhD researcher Charlotte Webber shares her insights and experiences of reading as an Autistic person.

Audience: Adults, Young People

Last updated: 22 May 2024

Woman reads book sitting at table outside in sunlight

Hello! I'm Charlotte, and, amongst other things, I'm a reader and I’m Autistic. This article is designed to share some of the experiences I have as an Autistic person who reads books.

Not every Autistic person is the same, and so not every Autistic reader will read in the same way. These are just some things that have helped me better understand the way I read, and which might help you reflect on your own relationship with reading. 

Reading helps me connect with my interests (but sometimes I get stuck)

Hyperempathy and sticky feelings 

Reading is an essential tool for self-regulation

Reading about Autistic characters has helped me learn about who I am