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Reading and ADHD

Audience: Adults, Young People

Last updated: 02 October 2023

A person relaxing on a corner sofa, their face covered by holding up a book cover

Hello! I'm Kay, and, amongst other things, I'm both someone who likes reading and has ADHD. This article is designed to share some of the tips and tricks I've picked up along the way.

Not everyone with ADHD is the same, and so not everyone who has ADHD will read in the same way. This means I highly encourage you to use my advice however you want – adapt, experiment, keep what you like and scrap what doesn't work for you. All of the different headings below can be expanded or collapsed – feel free to cherry pick and skip around!

Finding a format you love

Write it down!

Reading in your own order

Let yourself give up on a book

You don't need a personal library

Getting (too) lost in a book!

Body doubling

Make screens work for you

Embrace what only you can do

Reading for pleasure is a set of activities that we hope you will find relaxing and fun, not a moral responsibility. It's something we hope you find a place in your life for, throughout your whole life. Like all lifelong relationships, that means it will fluctuate in closeness.

Reading will be there for you later, if you need it to be. If you only have half an hour on your phone on the bus once a week right now and you choose to spend it with a public library eBook or article, that's grand. It's great that you're doing that. Carry on.