We read because...

Books change lives. You too can change lives through the power of books.

We want to reach more people through our programmes. To do that in today’s uncertain times, we need support that we can rely on every month.

We need you to write the next chapter.

Just £6 a month could bring the magic of storytelling to a child who needs this most.



Donate to Scottish Book Trust

Your donation of £6 a month could help people like Kyle.

18 month old Kyle lives in Angus with his mum Carrie. His dad Rob is serving a custodial sentence in Perth Prison. Through our Bookbug programme which sees parents singing, rhyming, talking and book sharing with their children, Kyle and his Dad have been able to build a father and son bond to give Kyle the best possible start in life. Kyle's dad says ‘It’s the bond. The peace. The chance to be a Dad for an hour. He’s taken all of these things in. I believe he’ll be quite brainy when he goes to school’.

People like Christina in Inverness-shire donate because:

“I just cannot imagine not having books in my life, they have given me so much over the years so I am happy to help children discover reading.”

“Every time we put a book into the hands of someone we know, we are creating the potential for a transformation. No matter what their age or education. I’d love you to work with me and my colleagues throughout Scotland in achieving the vision of a nation where everyone can enjoy the benefits of reading.”
Marc Lambert, CEO, Scottish Book Trust


Changing lives through books

Over the past 20 years, we’ve been working hard to turn Scotland into a nation of book lovers. We’ve successfully campaigned for all children in Scotland to automatically receive a library card from birth, fired up the imaginations of more than 100,000 children through our Scottish Friendly Children’s Book Tours, and we currently give out 1,000,000 free books a year to people of all ages to spread the life-changing magic of reading.

But there’s still so much to do, and we won’t rest until everyone, no matter what their background is, has an equal opportunity to thrive through reading and writing.