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Author: Hannah Bateman

Mother in driver's cabin nestling baby in her plaid
Brother Jim a bairn still, she held closely by her side.
My two big sisters and myself with Charlie Only four
Were helped aboard, mid furniture to stand on lorry floor.
Farmer Gardiner at the wheel as father climbed aloft.
My gentle folks with precious load were ready for the Off.
As the lorry started up my Mother looked forlorn.
She turned to bid a sad goodbye to the house where I was born.

We drove by the loch at Fannyside past farms and their byer
Through Castlecary Viaduct and into Stirlingshire.
The redstoned houses of Allandale soon loomed through the dark.
The farmer quickly shed his load then turned his lorry back.

Today I stand where my old home stood. I look for signs of life
And there by a big new farmhouse I see the farmer's wife.
She tells me of her father, Farmer Gardiner's son.
I tell her of her grand-dad who did our flitting run.
We reminisce and shed a tear for times that are long gone
Though in my memory still I see the house where I was born.