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Dour Scots? – Aye Right!

Author: Margaret Bowman

When yer nae happy yer greetin'
An' being happy kin mak ye sad
Thir's niver a happy medium
Wi the "in-between" being yer glad

Yer happy aboot the guid things in life
When ye feel yer luck is in
Yer happy ye've hid the chance tae tak
Even if ye hid nae chance tae win

Yer happy when yer freends turn up
An' yer greetin' when they go
They happy days are ayeways guid
Emotions rin high – niver low

Yet ye cannae pick yer relatives
They mak ye cheery or dour
Yer stuck wi them aw yer life
Like a marriage – fir richer or poor

Changing seasons mak ye happy
At different time o' the year
Each month that passes, brings pure joy
Wither ye be far or near

So life's too short tae be dooncast
Thirs much tae laugh aboot
So be cheery, then feel happy aw day
An' if depression calls – shut it oot!