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New Beginnings

Author: Mary-Jean Parker
Year: Future

On the first day I thought she would be unsure,
But she ran from room to room excited and giddy.
I painted the walls white, the colour of new beginnings
And hung tissue paper clouds above the bed.
She called it a pathway to a candy cane world.
Mermaids dangled from bed posts and unicorns lounged in corners.
We shared a picnic tea on the floor and chatted with her dolls.
We filled a pink flamingo air bed with cushions from the sofa,
wrapped ourselves in cosy blankets, and lay down to sleep.
I told her is the house where dreams are made,
Where tales are told and wishes come true,
Where Santa leaves presents while children sleep
and fairies come to play at the bottom of the garden
I told her this is a house where bad things never happen.

I kissed her goodnight, crept from the room and sat down by her door.
I leant my head back, listened to the peace and exhaled,
Now, I could breathe
We are safe
We are together,
We are home.
We are free.