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Future Me

Author: Breea Keenan
Year: Future

Future me 

has it all together. 

I'm pretty sure she’s

totally bossing it

at every turn.

Her kids don’t

squabble and certainly 

don't have Cheerios

in their hair

or toothpaste 

on their cheeks.

She has parents' night

and sports day

and World Book Day 

and bloody bake sale day 

in the diary with

appropriate reminders

(note: buy cakes).  

She remembers her

husband's night out,

without question.

(Yes, he did tell her.


While she was

texting someone back

about that bloody bake sale). 

Bossing it at work,

completely engaged.

Most definitely not 

doing that 

weird trembly-lip thing 

trying to pretend 

not to be yawning

after yet another night

of musical beds.

Because she sleeps! 

Eight blissful 

hours, like a


love affair

with a flame

who feels


before everything 

went turbulent. 

And check out all

those healthy


meals, boasting

bundles of fresh

organic vegetables,

so delicious that the

children cry

that they just

cannot abide

chicken nuggets anymore.

And she’s back

to her pre-birth

weight. No wait,

her wedding dress

weight (because,

well, why not?)

and she actually goes

to the gym instead of

thinking about it

while eating


on the couch.

She has a night out.

No cancelling

due to: temperatures/

chicken pox/

general lurgy passed

through snotty kisses.

She texts you back and

even thinks of

a funny reply;

because future me

is funny.

Just like old me was, 

once upon a time.