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Dinna Blame Me

Author: Alun Robert
Year: Future

Polar bear at ma closed door
fella’s hungry, fell angry
hasnae eaten fur months
hasnae slept fur days. He

snarls like a chainsaw
his iceberg hae bin melted
his seafood full o plastic
coat graffitied by ma generation
wha warmed up the air
wi toxins an noxious gasses
heatin oceans tae decimate
icebergs, his flotilla. Yon

loon blames me, alsa
curses ma neighbours
is incensed at oor ineptitude
shakes his heed wi disgust
fur his coat is aw mangy
his teeth gone fell rottin
his future non-existent
says we wis impotent. While

braw bairns on oor tenement
gather roond tae proffer comfort
they gae him their stovies
promise they’ll mak a difference
when he drops tae the groond
eyes closed, paws limp
rises tae Valhalla
aff tae meet his Maker. Jist

nae mare in his lineage
lost siblins yin by yin
lost ancestral hameland
soon his presence on oor planet. As

oor bairns lift placards high
wi words o condemnation
stamp feet in disgust
stamp letters o protest
raise up their voices
tae threaten oor establishment
fur somethin tae be done
nae sometime but noo.