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Author: Elspeth Anderson
Year: Future

The view from my windows through the glass,
Salisbury Crags, the radical road, no walkers
River Forth at twilight, fishing boats trawl,
idle cranes tower over a silent building site.

due North the medieval Edinburgh Castle
silhouetted in red nightly, no firework displays
the historic battlements haunted by ghosts

long broad streets in lock-down, no tourists
perusing tartan shops. canned music blaring
no leaflets advertising annual festival events

shuttered bars, the lights turned off
trams. buses linger at stops, fewer passengers

An aeroplane sighted, dazed by sunlight
leaving trails of white vapour in blue skies
who is travelling. I can only go five miles?

multitudes of church spire point upward to heaven
all churches closed, yet we pray, every day is like Sunday

glowing sunsets flush pink over the south west hills
red flames lick the north horizon, jet black clouds loom

what is the future of this great City. Great Athens of the north its
theatres in hibernation, cinemas closed their doors, no films
concerts halls closed. Have to make our own music.