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Twenty Five

Author: Colette Coen

25 – a silver bottle stop engraved with our names
24 – hours of love in a day and restless night
23 – when we met
22 – your dimples glimpsed at a party
21 – a key to the door, a rucksack to travel the world, a typewriter to document it
18 – a legal drink, bitter-sweet, not to be repeated (or so I say)
16 – a bag of sweets and the realisation that friends don’t know the date of my birthday
5 – a heatwave with no sun cream, a table in the garden, green jelly and ice cream
4 – of us together again, smiling for the camera
3 – the children we made together
2 – cancelled airline tickets
1 – pandemic.

We’re meant to be in New York, instead he’s pushing me round the back garden in a silver wheelbarrow
A bright, windy day with the man I love, both then and now

25 – more years until we are truly golden