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Blessings on the house

Author: Edinburgh Syrian Women's Group

that shelters
that is warm
that is dry.

Blessings on the house
that is also a home,
a place of fun,

whose rooms become
bright from laughter and
candles, decorations, celebrations.

Blessings on the house
where good words fill
the air like prayers

where we can share
delicious food with loved ones
and hospitality with friends.

Blessings on the house
with comfy chairs and sofas
and good smells from the kitchen

with doors, windows, walls
heating and light and roof
never taken for granted.

Blessings on the house
and all its useful luxuries
the fridge and cooker,

wardrobes, TV, hoover,
the machines to help us keep it clean
and leave more time for living in it.