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On Grandpa's Knee

Song type: Actions, Active, Tickling
Language: Scots
Age group: 0-2, 3-5

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On Grandpa's Knee lyrics

Grandpa, Grandpa,

Diddle me on your knee.

I'm your diddley-dumplin

Swinging on a Swee.

Sing a bonnie ballant

O pownies black and broun,

Shoggle me frae side to side

Syne shoggle up and doun.

Grandpa's knee's a cannie naig

Jouglin owre the muir

And I'm a braw wee leddy ridin to the fair.

From Bairn Rhymes by J K Annand. Shared with permission from the Dictionaries of Scots Language.

Funded by Scottish Government's Gaelic and Scots Learning Directorate.