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Da Wiggly Caterpillar

Song type: Active, Finger play
Language: Scots
Age group: 0-2, 3-5
Audience: Children, Pre-birth, Pre-school, Toddler

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How to use this song with toddlers

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Da Wiggly Caterpillar lyrics

Dir wis wance a wiggly caterpillar

Dat wiggled an wiggled aa day

Ee wiggled over here an ee wiggled over dere

An ee never ever lost his wy

Dan wan day ee wiggled up a graet big waa

An ee stopped dere fur a while

Ee went ta sleep fur a long long time

An woke up wi a smile

Dan wan day ee opened 'is eyes

An ee began ta fly

Am a butterfly and a'll flutter-by

No more wigglin fur me fur me

No more wigglin' fur me

© Freda Leask

Funded by Scottish Government's Gaelic and Scots Learning Directorate