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Da Cat Song

Song type: Active, Face to face
Language: Scots
Age group: 0-2, 3-5
Audience: Children, Pre-birth, Pre-school, Toddler

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How to use this song with toddlers

How to use this song with 3 to 5-year olds

Da Cat Song lyrics

Dir wance wis a cat an shö led on a rug

Shö wis terrible faert fur da great muckle dug

Shö roared an shö roared as shö clamb tae da rūf

Shö yaldered dat lood at shö geed hersel a gluff

Dan shö fell intae a barrel o waater

Right tae da tap o her lugs

Whit nixt is goin ta come at 'ir?

An aa becis o yun muckle dug

Dir wance wis a cat wi a face black as col

Shö chaested a moose an güd in a hol

Shö couldna win eft and she couldna win fore

Shö yaldered dat lood dat her trot wis getting sore

Dan oot shö popped wi a clatter

An fell tae da floor wi a doos

Whit nixt is gointa come at ir?

An aa becis o yun peerie moose

© Freda Leask and Cameron Johnston

Funded by Scottish Government's Gaelic and Scots Learning Directorate