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'Epona' comic adaptation

Author: Ver

This adaptation of Elizabeth Craig's poem, 'Epona', has been created for Book Week Scotland by Ver.

Read 'Epona' by Elizabath Craig

Two panel comic. Comic panel one zooms in on a father and child's held hands. Comic panel two zooms out to full image of the pair walking across a bridge over the Clyde,  surrounded by the starry sky, pink clouds, and the muddy water of the river. Comic panel two is overlaid with text from the first stanza of Epona.
- Ver

Two panel comic. Comic panel one shows flame in black rectangle. Comic panel two shows metal hammer surrounded by starry sky and pink cloud. The second stanza of Epona is overlaid on the starry sky.
- Ver

One panel comic shows black horse with white mane on backdrop of bright orange and red flames, furling smoke and the starry sky. Stanza three of Epona is written over the image.
- Ver

Two panel comic. Comic panel one shows wild horse standing on a small hill against the backdrop of the starry sky, flames and red smoke. It towers above the father and daughter who are looking up at it whilst hugging. The flames are overlaid with stanza 4 of Epona. Comic panel two shows close up of the child, clinging onto her dad's coat so the material ruffles.
- Ver

One panel comic shows half of child's face. They have long, flowing dark hair and a red bow. Their eye is wide and the pupil sparkles.  The image is overlaid with the final stanza of Epona.
- Ver

This adaptation was created by Ver for Book Week Scotland. Read the poem that inspired this comic, 'Epona' by Elizabeth Craig.

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