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Author: Molly Arbuthnott
Year: Hope

Hope comes when you don’t expect it.
It is easy to sometimes cling to things that aren’t right.
Dreams, fantasies that cloud your sight.
Actions that mean you appear as an inferior version of you.
When you’re trying so hard but nothing you do
seems to bring the joy that is meant.
Instead, you appear a bit like a dead weight that is spent.
When people have for so long told you who you must be
and all you really long for is to be loved and free.
Your chat goes flat and joy fades away.
You must move on, though you secretly long to stay.
That is when hope comes along,
knocking at your door.
Bringing plans into your life,
and changes you learn are actually really fun.
Laughing, dancing and singing in the sun.
Travelling and seeing the world with what you can give,
teaching you that by serving others is how you really live.
It comes when you feel joy in every action.
And don’t worry so much about people’s reactions
as you’re late again or forget your keys,
rush to the train, don’t cover your nose as you sneeze.
It is finding joy in small things and knowing that no matter what
life has in store, you will always find love!
A warm blanket of stars sent from heaven above.