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When this storm passes

Author: J. L. Woodhouse
Year: Future

I hope you remember the walks in the sunshine.

I hope you remember the Thursdays clapping and banging pots,

I hope you remember living room downward dogs and Namaste,

I hope you remember all the time at home with mummy and mama, listening to your nursery stories on the iPad and drawing,

I hope you haven’t seen the worried tears, the nervous snapped answers and panicked glances,

I hope you don’t remember missing your grannies and your cousins, but remember laughing at them on mummy’s phone screen,

I hope you remember the kindness, the bag of shopping into the basket for those who don’t have enough,

I hope you remember the fun of the queuing, find your line and stay on your line, and not the worry of being in the big shop,

I hope you remember laughing at the funny masks, and not being scared by the panicked eyes above them,

I hope you remember sneaking into mama’s office, waving at the people on the laptop screen,

I know you are too wee to understand what turned your world upside down, plans for nursery into big school paused,

But most of all I hope you remember the rainbows, the colors in the windows, the wishes of thanks and of hope.

The message that this too will pass, and that soon we will be back to looking for rainbows in the sky.

When this storm passes.