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What next?

Author: Barbara Craig
Year: Future

Lockdown. Has put the 'full stop' in
Staying in safe with your husband or wife.
Maybe your children are still at home?
Or maybe your hunkering down alone?

How will you spend your future years?
Years when the virus has gone!
Will you live life , as you have done before?
Or will you decide to move on?

We've always known that time was short
A passing, transient thing.
Will you still plan your next careful move?
Or will you live life on the wing?

Will mankind wake up now and understand that tomorrow is promised to none?
Or will we continue to ravage the earth
Not seeing the harm that we've done?

The atmosphere's cleaner.
The ozone repairing, our world is recovering at last.
Songbirds are returning, hedgerows renewing.
Just as they did in the past.

Will we strive for a healthier, happier, world
When our isolation is through?
Will we tread lightly now on the earth?
I wonder?
What will you do?