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Life is Like a Race Sometimes

Author: WJ Sharp
Year: Future

*panicked breath* *panicked breath* *panicked breath*

Run, run, run, come on legs move.

Please don't fall over, they're coming.

Agh! Get up, get up, quick now. Move!

Okay, the trees, get to the trees, I can hide.

Be quiet now, stay low. I hope they don't see me.

Is my life always going to be like this?

*controlled breath* *controlled breath* *controlled breath*

Run, run, run, keep this pace, you got this.

Stay focused, don't trip, they're not far behind.

Ugh, legs getting sore now. Feel the burn, burn the feeling.

Okay, the finish line I'm almost there time to start pushing.

Oof! I'm so exhausted I can barely make a sound and everyone's looking at me.

I can't believe my life led to this moment.

*rushed breath* *rushed breath* *rushed breath*

Run, run, run! Quicker you numpty quicker!

I swear to everything sacred in the world if you faceplant and are late.

Jeez I'm going to get cramp at this rate. Feel the burn, burn the feeling - haha - oh what a silly thing I used to say.

There's the coach just need to catch it! Can't be late on my first day.

Haah, I made it. Must look like a right plum, let's go sit up the back so I can hide.

What a wild life, it's madness that I'm on my way to college, I wonder what happens from here?