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The Celebration

Author: Marie-Louise Mills

Celebration of life
To live without strife
Have a dog and bird song
Each day beautifully long

Painting writing playing along
Dancing to my own tune alone
Lockdown enabled me to see
The beauty of nature with glee

Each day I create my own song
Lockdown stimulated me for long
With Zoom classes to be a part
Writing classes a great start

Did the lockdown shut us up
Think not I’m going to cook my sup
We all live in silence after all
But celebration we now can call

It’s time to open up your heart
Rejoice and be an integral part
Of life’s wonders under our nose
It’s a gift we should never close

A widening circle to comprehend
Of nature and friends not to bend
To look and see all that’s around
Study the natural world so profound

The idea of being out and about
I think I’d like to just plain shout
It’s been a long time since it began
But I have learned the beauty at hand

What I’ve learned in early morning
Is to appreciate the joys so unboring
The sound of sweet bird chatter
Leaves on blooming trees do matter

I love my dog and home
I admire architecture and the Dome
Once a bank for clients needs
Now a watering hole that feeds

Of beautiful structures dotted around
Edinburgh city rich and profound
It’s time to look and really see
The beauty of nature structures to proceed

The idea of being out and about
Is now a cherished gift and want to shout
I’m comfortable with uncertainty
My artistic nature relies only on me

We study more about each other
When challenged by our brother
We are blessed to be mature
But the child within us will endure

Seek and find the magic within
Life is a challenge to begin
Open your eyes wide now to see
The joy of life to perceive

Leaves fall off the calendar each night
It’s exciting to be in the dark without fright
I do not know what tomorrow will bring
All I know is how the birds still sing