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4 cubed

Author: Kathryn Byre

of us, enveloped in love and encouragement.
Our home our refuge from stressful thoughts and unkind actions.
My husband and I taking turns to worry, to comfort, to praise.
Facing problems together, hand-in-hand.
Celebrating successes like my husband’s first 10k run.

my eldest will be later this year.
A triathlete in training, avid reader, expert baker and Eurovision fanatic.
I’m proud of him for how he has coped with National 5 assessments.
My youngest is almost 12, approaching the end of primary school days.
An environmentalist, obsessed with LEGO. Full of fascinating facts told through his newly-broken voice.
Not your typical adolescent boys.
I cherish them.

weeks unemployed. My status undefined. Who am I now? Just Mum?
Empowered by my family’s support, resilience shines through.
I study online. Give myself permission to write.
Priorities now changed, I am more at peace with myself.
My own personal celebration.