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26 June 2020

Author: India

Happy one year anniversary of dating to us! Although, this isn’t the celebration we’d imagined. We can’t go out for dinner, we can’t go away for a few days together, we’re barely allowed outside.

That doesn’t stop us though, we’ve had to be creative before. Last December when we had a trip booked to Madrid and the French air traffic control strikes meant our flights got cancelled, we didn’t let that ruin our holiday. No, we booked a last-minute hotel in Edinburgh. With a spa I should add. I actually think we had a better time than we would have had in Spain.

So we get dressed up and we pop the prosecco. We sit out on your balcony looking out over the abandoned city centre. The balcony which has been our sanctuary the last few months. With no garden, this two-metre-long balcony has been a luxury, especially when sitting down in a park was against the law. It’s just big enough for the two of us so we snuggle in. We had spent the sunny spring days sitting out there reading, enjoying the warmth of the sun rays on our skin and the feeling of cool gusts of breeze.

Cheers to us! We clink our glasses together. I smile at you and you smile back. We’ve been through a lot together, we’ve changed. The world’s changed. Who would have thought one year on we’d be living together? Do you remember those days leading up to lockdown? We didn’t know what was ahead of us, no one did. I packed a case and moved in. There was such an urgency to it, we didn’t even stop to appreciate what a big deal it was.

Later on, back inside your flat, we blast music and dance. Spinning and sliding on the lino in your kitchen.

If things had been normal, who knows what we would have been doing today. But I’m so glad we did this.